50 Great Things About Me

50 Great Things About Me

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who is also going through her own Reconstruction Process. Someone challenged her to write 50 great things about herself that “gave her value as a human being”.

She explained even though this task was difficult with all of the issues she is going through externally, internally it made her remember who she was.

So I decided to do it for myself. I see it as a process of taking mental inventory. To be able to refer back to something that list WHY YOU ARE GREAT when the world is telling you, you’re not.

So here we go………

  1. I love to learn, read, and research.
  2. I genuinely care about others.
  3. I have an uncanny knack for seeing things in most situations that others miss.
  4. I don’t believe in taking advantage of people.
  5. I love giving.
  6. I have the heart and the drive to help others.
  7. I’m a thinker, I love the act of critical thinking and analyzing things from multiple perspectives.
  8. I am a Christian (I love God, you don’t love God what’s wrong with you? LOL)
  9. I am hilarious (you don’t have to think I’m funny, I do )
  10. I love to cook.
  11. I am a hard worker.
  12. I am ambitious and driven.
  13. I am a very unbiased person.
  14. I have never been a jealous person.
  15. I have never been a controlling person.
  16. I am a passionate person.
  17. I am a very optimistic person.
  18. I try to seek the good in people.
  19. When I get a haircut, I am the sexiest man this side of the Mason-Dixon line. (I’m just saying lol )
  20. I believe in treating people fairly.
  21. I am a fighter/conquer.
  22. I am a great friend.
  23. I am very personable, I can talk to anyone.
  24. I am great salesmen.
  25. I love to encourage others.
  26. I work best in high paced situations.
  27. I learn things very quickly.
  28. I am honest enough to admit my problems and shortcomings.
  29. I am very secure in who I am.
  30. I stand up for others.
  31. I never look down my nose at others based on what they have or don’t.
  32. I don’t think of myself as being better than anyone or beneath anyone.
  33. I am a great listener.
  34. I love deeply (I don’t know it that is a good thing or bad. When that love is taken for granted or I feel someone has been disloyal, it’s hard for me to bounce back.)
  35. I am self-motivated (you can try to motivate me but most likely it’s going to just make me mad.)
  36. I am very open-minded.
  37. I am very strong willed.
  38. I am punctual, I hate being late.
  39. I can spot a great chicken wing from a mile away. LOL
  40. I am humble.
  41. I am a researcher. (Nothing drives me crazier than a person that speaks without having researched what they are talking about)
  42. I have never told a person I love them without meaning it.
  43. I embrace change.
  44. I am creative.
  45. I believe I can have a major impact on the world.
  46. I strive to be a better person every day.
  47. I love to make others smile.
  48. I love trying new things.
  49. I love animals
  50. I am adventurous, I love trying new things!

1 TO GROW ON: I AM ME! (You get what you get.)

There we go! I must say this was a tedious task. As I created this list, I had to constantly, and honestly, evaluate if some of these are traits that truly define me! I challenge everyone who reads this post to do the same.

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