Defining My Success

Defining My Success

My cousin and I were cleaning out his basement the other day, looking through some old books. We ran across a book that sparked a conversation about what success really looked like.

Long after the conversion, my mind continued to run different scenarios of success and what it really meant to me. Everyone defines success from a differently. I believe media and the “keeping up the Jones” mentality has altered many people’s ideas of success.

External success has taken precedence over internal. And that imbalance is causing more individuals to be materially rich and internally bankrupt.

Success to me is not so much defined in material things but in freedom, peace, and giving.

So here is my definition of success as it pertains to me.

Happily Married to my best friend: We are 100% loyal to each other, no one can come between us! We can talk about any and everything without fear of judgment or ridicule. We never have to worry about our words, or actions being broadcasted to others because we are a TEAM. Where I am weak she is strong. We trust each other and are EXTREMELY HAPPY being in each others presence.

Surrounded by people I love and who love me: Open and honest relationships that are of an intimate nature, No SURFACE people surround me. If you can’t be yourself you can never be completely happy.

Multiple streams of passive income: It has been said that most millionaires has at least 7 streams of income. In other words FREEDOM! Over the years I have watched so many people make EXCELLENT MONEY and at the end of each money they are completely broke or life but that money is at the cost of time. They are tied to their business and have to work with people they can barely tolerate for the sake of a dollar because that one business fuels their entire lifestyle.

I Am The Biggest Servant: I serve my wife, I serve my children, I serve my community! I want to die knowing I poured into other people. I don’t believe success is based on how many people that serve you but how many people you serve. A great leader is one who serves, a dictator is one who wants to be served!

Able to give away more than I consume: I have always dreamed of being about to give away 1 million dollars a year to people who help people. I don’t believe you can truly be successful and only spend money on your wants and needs. I am not really impressed with people that proclaim to make a lot of money but give nothing. I have a heart for helping people and as the Good Book states “for where your treasure is, there your heart”.

I LEAVE A LEGACY: Truth, Love, Knowledge, and Wealth. I believe many people think living a legacy is about leaving materialistic – house, cars, and money. Yes, that is a part of it, but I believe it to be much more than that. It is about how many lives you touch, how many people you help.

I AM HAPPY: You would be amazed at how many people I know that are unhappy. They have the money, some are married – some are single, they have the houses, they have the cars but happiness eludes them. They constantly belittle others to make themselves feel better about who they are. They are constantly spending money on things try to fill a void. I don’t care how much money you have if you are not happy there is no way that you can call yourself successful.

If you ask 10 people their view of success, you will get 10 different answers. Me, I think my view surrounds happiness, freedom, peace and giving. They have evolved over the years based on experience, reading, and watching others. I could go on and on for literally hours of why I have come to these 7 points but I won’t.

If you would have asked me 12 years ago, it would have probably included things that I see pointless nowadays.

How do you define your success?

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