Living Again: Beach Day

Living Again: Beach Day

Growing up, I moved around quite a lot. The state I spent the most continuous time in and the place I call home is Virginia. And if you are from Virginia, you can not help but love the beach.

Some of my best memories all include the beach or being near water, whether I was in Virginia, Puerto Rico, Anguilla, or Florida. I have always loved water even though I was taught how to swim after being thrown in a pool and told I better move my arms and legs or I would drown. Needless to say, I learned that day!

Over the years, I have pulled a lot of all-nighters either after partying all night, or… Okay, all those all-nighters were probably after partying all night; however, in retrospect, even after all those all-nighters, I have never simply paused and taken the time out to just watch the sunrise.

So as I neared the end of my fish tank building experience and wanted to get my own
driftwood for my tank, I decided to wake up early one morning and go to the beach.

And I must say that the experience was GREAT!

It made me realize how often I overlook the simple things:

The things that I should be grateful for…
The things that are right in front of me or within my grasp, yet I don’t take full advantage of…
The things that other people wish they could see, hear, or feel…

All this time I have simply meandered through life all willy-nilly with blinders on without ever really acknowledging and/or internalizing the abundance of good existing every where around me. So now, at least once a month, I will go and watch the sunrise to remind me to be grateful for the small things.

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