Living Again: Fish Tank Build

Living Again: Fish Tank Build

I moved out when I was sixteen years old.

One day, someone came over with a 55-gallon fishtank looking to trade for it. I took the tank, went out and bought some of the things the guy told me I needed, about $100 worth of fish, and set the tank up in my bedroom. I did not know anything about fish tanks, but I was getting the tank for nearly nothing, and I thought it would look cool in my room when females came over (LOL).

I did not realize it then, but that tank would play major part in giving me a sense of peace and a piece of mind when I felt that I was losing mine.

My roommate at the time was another young man around my age, and at all times of day and night, people were continuously streaming in and out of our apartment. Trust me. At sixteen with my own place, I had a WHOLE LOT OF FUN, but It was a very crazy time in my life; my stress, paranoia, anxiety and hostility were at all time high. So when traffic finally slowed down about one or two in the morning, I would go into my room, lock the door, turn on the tank light and some music, and just zone out.

This was probably the ONLY real peace I had at that time.

Years later, I was living in a similar chaotic situation, and once again a funny thing happened. Someone else called me with a fish tank. However, I got rid of that fish tank during my divorce, but for years afterward, I often thought of getting another tank but did not have the room for one.

So when I recently moved into a new house (not in that situation this time), a tank was the first thing I wanted!

But I did not want the average tank and stand. I wanted something that you would see in a restaurant or a nice hotel. So, I decided instead of buying one, I would build it for the following three reasons:

I need something to keep my mind busy and off of some of the things that I have gone and am going through.

To me there is a grave difference between being given something, buying something, and BUILDING SOMETHING. The pride you gain in knowing YOU BUILT IT, especially given the blood, sweat, and tears you have to endure, makes it that much more worth it.

It makes you appreciate it and care for it more. And every day I spent working on the tank stand and every day that I walk pass it, it gave/gives me a great sense of PRIDE and HAPPINESS.

I HAVE NEVER built anything like this before, but I wanted to try. Without really even knowing it when I started, this project would be my first LIVING AGAIN EXPERIENCE!

And you know every time I strut pass it or look at it while I am working, something dumb pops into my head like “Bob Vila might need to give me a call,” and I can’t help but LAUGH AT MYSELF!

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