Living Again: Horse Back Riding

Living Again: Horse Back Riding

Confession: After I watch a cowboy movie, I secretly picture myself riding around in the old west with my six shooters, wrestling cows to the ground, and having gun fights in the middle of town. LMBO. Do not Judge me. I have the same thoughts when I watch a good Kung Fu flick. Y’all know that you do the same thing!

So after watching yet another cowboy joint, I decided to go horseback riding! There is something about being in nature that allows me to clear my head and gives me such peace as of late.

The horse the stable operators gave me had to be the slowest, biggest horse on earth, but Tank and I trotted around like we owned the place. He loved to eat, so I had to keep redirecting him away from and high grass. Our entire time together on the trail, every country song (2 maybe 3) that I knew kept popping in my head, and I could not help but laugh at myself when I caught myself singing them out loud.


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