Quiet Time and Meditation

Quiet Time and Meditation

The first week that I was started in, The Every Man A Warrior group they introduced the concept of having quiet times with God and meditating on his word. So daily, I woke up and spend time in His word. I read scripture, pick the best verse from what I read. The verse that I believe God is trying to show me and then I meditate on it, write down what I feel God is telling and then pray. Then question if I am honoring Him in that area of my life or if I living by his word.

This has been the cornerstone for my reconstructing me/ healing me process. I really wish someone had explained and taught me this years ago. This has been life changing mentally, emotionally and spiritually, It’s one thing to READ the Bible and another to be able to QUOTE scripture but how many of us actually INTERNALIZE what we are reading?

How many of us break down the scripture, analyze what it is saying, then analyze ourselves to see are we, through our actions and/or thoughts, in line with the word of God?

On days that I miss my quiet times:

I feel the anxiety creep inside of me!
I feel the old Adrian fighting his way back in!
I feel resentment, and guilt peak their heads out!
I feel loneliness and depression attempting overcome me!

I wish someone would have taught me this years ago!!! It would have made for a lot less headache and pain, to know that I am not alone and there is a roadmap for my decisions, gives me a sense of true peace.

It is helping me align my character to His character. It’s helping to make decisions based on God’s belief versus my own or the world’s.


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