Seeking the Good In Everything

Seeking the Good In Everything

If you read my article on depression you know that after receiving a prescription, I refused! I came to the conclusion that I was depressed only because I wanted to be and I had been focusing on all the negative in my life instead of focusing on all the Good.

So, since that day I have made it a point to look through “ALL GOOD” Goggles and seek the good in every person, thing and situation. (Yes all people have some goodness in them, LOL) I can tell you the experience has been amazing!

“Seek and you shall find” is true on so many levels. If you are seeking the negative in people, places and things you will find negativity in abundance. When you seeking for the positive in life you will find positivity in abundance.

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about putting on the “goggles” after he called me to complain about a client that he has that had backed him in a corner both financially and mentally. We discussed the situation and by end of the situation he realized that the client had actual done him a favor and gave him the push he needed to continue building his business.

The next day I got a call from my friend and the voice on the other end of the phone was elated! He had looked the the “good” in the situation and woke up and began making calls to find more clients. He had picked up two instantly and the problem that was the day, before was no longer a problem at all. By finding the good in the situation it allowed him to elevate his business and situation.

By putting on my “goggles” it has allowed for so much closure, so much growth, and so much peace. It amazes me how a quick change at what you are looking for will change your entire perspective of people, places, and things.

Recently, I heard Pastor Van Moody speak about his book, The People Factor. I had to go get it and after reading some of the research presented in the book about relationships, it was very clear to me that even in marriage this the principle hold true. Most marriages fail at the point when the individuals in the marriage begin to focus on all the negative things in a relationship rather than the positive in each other. The negative traits begin to overpower the positive ones. The relationships begins to deteriorate and fills with anger, bitterness, and discontent.

And that is what happens in us when we put on the “NEGATIVE GOGGLES”. We find ourselves discontent, frustrated, anger and bitter.

In any given moment, during any given hour, on any given day, there are a million things we be grateful for. There is GOODNESS all around us and we have the choose to SEEK the GOOD or SEEK the BAD.

When we are seeking the good even ice cream taste better! When we are seeking the bad we can only see how cold it is, how the sticky it’s making your fingers, how much traffic there was on the trip to the store. You totally miss the moment, you forget that there was probably a time when you might have not been able to afford the ice cream. You forego the happiness and latch on to frustration.

Those people, places and situations may be something that God brought to answer a prayer that you have been praying but your mind is so fixated on looking for the negative that you completely MISS THE BLESSING. That person, that situation, that place, may be exactly what you need but by looking for all the negatives you miss the true value they hold.

So, I am keeping my “GOOD GOGGLES” on and I refuse to let anyone pass me their “NEGATIVE GOGGLES”! I refuse to let other peoples views of peoples, places or things interfere with my view. I understand that their view may have a complete different tint then mine and if they hold theirs googles to my face to often I will only begin to see what they see.

My goggles come with an entire list of benefits they other peoples may not come with, to include peace, happiness, great perspective, and opportunity.

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